Old School New Body F4X Training Guide

For people who want to look younger than they actually are do not know that the human body ages faster than usual especially at the age of 40. But they don’t even care and spend hundreds of dollars at gym running tirelessly on treadmills doing everything the gym trainer says. Some take help of steroids to look “healthy” but all in vain. Anyways, that is not an issue anymore because Steve and Becky Holman has just developed a program after years of researching and experiments. The program is called “Old School New Body.”

The program, as the name implies, uses old methods to get the body in shape and look younger than the actual age. After following this program, people will need some new and mostly smaller size pants when it comes to waist measurements.

The main reason of this program is to help people look a lot younger than their actual age and for this, the guide has numerous ways of doing it. The program focuses on more work out per day rather than more weight lifting per day. A very big misconception that has taken place in people’s minds these days is that more weight lifting means more fit and young. Well, that is not the case. People also think that men and women should work out differently which is another misconception that people has. Men and women need the same basic protocol which is proved scientifically. Old School New Body Review

A balanced diet is necessary for a human body to function perfectly and it is the core reason for ageing faster than usual. If people don’t take proper care of their diets, after the age of forty, the human body starts to age six months extra for every year that passes. Which means looking like 46 at the age of 44 and that is just the beginning. Muscles are the only thing that burns fat and at the age of 35, 90% of people lose enough muscles every year to burn an extra four pounds of fat.

Muscles are something that are responsible for everything in the body. This is exactly why most of the energy of a body is used to build up muscles. The amount of muscles present in a body decides the age of a person, his strength, his shape, his skin tone, etc. So that means that to look younger, muscles are the things that need to be taken care of. The question is how? Well, the complete, easy and effective method is available in this book of “Old School New Body” by Steve and Becky Holman.

The method that is used in this book to reverse the process of ageing is called the F4X training method. The method is basically divided into three main stages. The first and most important phase in this method is the “Lean” phase. This phase uses ways to lose and burn the excess fat in a body. Once the fat is lost, it automatically decreases a person’s weight. Second is the “Shape” phase. This phase also makes a person lose weight but in a different way. The shape phase builds up muscles that will burn little amounts of fat that were stored in excess anywhere in the body, thus reducing weight.

Now if a person thinks that he has lost too much of his weight, here comes the last phase, the “Build” phase. This phase is for everyone but majorly for those who think they have become way too skinny after losing all this weight and that they need to put on some weight. This phase helps them build their body by building up more muscles that will stuff a person and bring him in shape.

The guide also helps to reverse the ageing process by providing just the perfect diet to eat for lunch, breakfast, and dinner. These diets have been carefully worked out for people who are too busy and the dishes in this program barely require five minutes to be cooked. The diet that is planned is extremely healthy without a doubt. As far as the workout is concerned, it needs to be shorter but very precise and targeted. Lifting hundred kilograms won’t get anybody anywhere.

This might not be the best fitness program out in the market but it is definitely the best anti aging and muscle building program. The product is spreading on the web like an inferno. Everybody wants to try this old school method to be fit.