Phen375 & Green Coffee Bean Max Review – Weight Loss Supplements That Wow Weight Watchers!

Unbiased and in depth reviews of Phen375 and Green Coffee Bean Max, the two most talked about products in the weight loss world today.

Hit or Scam?Best Green Coffee Bean Max Deals

Weight loss pills and dietary supplements are available in hundreds of brands, all claiming to reduce weight, get a dream figure and to say bye bye to those extra large sized clothes. Do weight loss pills really work or are they another scam to make quick bucks? Lets find out!

Supplements that Generated a Buzz

In this article, two famous supplementary pills have been discussed which have made the headlines with celebrity health experts and dieticians as well. These supplementary pills cause dramatic weight loss in a few months and show no negative side effects. Affordable and easily available without a prescription, what more could a person ask for?

Green Coffee Bean Max

Green Coffee Bean Max is a weight loss supplement which fastens the body’s pace to reduce weight loss with results appearing in a matter of weeks. Green coffee beans are the raw form of roasted coffee beans which appear to have a high level of Chlorogenic Acid.

What is Chlorogenic Acid?

Chlorogenic acid or CGA gives the beans its raw, green color and bitter taste, it helps increase fat oxidation in the body.  Most of the acid is lost when the green coffee beans are subjected to high temperature for roasting. About 60 percent of the chlorogenic acid is lost after roasting. In raw green coffee beans, the extract contains a high amount of CGA. This is a very useful component in the fight against weight loss.

The Effects of Chlorogenic Acid

In the Dr. Oz Show’s most expensive project undertaken, Dr. Oz along with Kristin Kirkpatrick, an American dietician and Dr. Caroline Apovian conducted a research based on a 100 women, half of them were given green coffee bean extract with 50% Chlorogenic acid and the other half were given a placebo. No changes in diet or exercise were made. After two weeks, those who were taking the extract lost twice as much weight the women who were taking the placebo.

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order now phen375 onlineDoes Green Coffee Bean Extract Contain Caffeine?

Most people are apprehensive to use Green Coffee Bean extract, saying that caffeine gives most people jitters. It is surprisingly good to know that in Green Coffee Bean Max supplementary pills, the extract contains only 60 mg of caffeine while an average cup of coffee contains 100 to 150 mg of caffeine. However, it is advised by doctors to take the pill at least 6 hours before sleeping time so that the little amount of caffeine present in the pill does not cause insomnia or restlessness. Also, other caffeinated products should be avoided if taking Green Coffee Bean Max.

Phen375 Weight Loss Supplements

Another weight loss supplement for quick and effective results is Phen375. Phentemine is a drug which affects the brain rather than the stomach or intestines. Most people complain that even though they stick to their diets and exercise and can control their eating, they continuously think and crave for food. Phentemine 375 works in such a manner that it suppresses the hunger cravings and thoughts from the brain, giving people more control over what they choose to eat.

Ray of Hope for Over Weight and Obese People

Phen375 gives hope to all those impulsive eaters and obese people who try and try again to get rid of their weight. Phen 375 is a strong and potent hunger suppressant that keeps the thoughts of food at bay. It is not always easy for emotional eaters to stick to a diet plan when they have the option to eat snacks or crave for junk food. Also, once they are motivated to diet and exercise towards a more healthy life, Phen 375 gives them the required boost to kick away those thoughts of taking an untimely trip to the fridge.

The Stigma associated with Phentemine

Phentemine was previously used in diet pills along with another drug called Fenfluramine. The supplement was called fen-phen which resulted in many people developing heart diseases and serious pulmonary disorders. The drug was banned and till now the export of Phentemine is discontinued because of this issue.

Although the use of the drug Phentemine itself is not banned, it is not available without a prescription as an overdose may cause severe damage, reports an official of the FDA.

Mind Over Body

The use of Phen 375 is recommended for a short time period as it is a powerful hunger suppressant to be combined with a carefully planned exercise routine and diet chart. Isabella was one of the people who testified to using Phen375 after the birth of her son. She had tried diet and exercise and had lost 22 pounds but at 200 pounds, her weight stopped reducing. Taking Phen375 along with following the diet plan helped her lose another 46 pounds. She as ecstatic to see the results and hopes to continue using Phen375 for a long time.

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