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In the process of evolution one can not deny the importance of the Paleolithic period. A period in which human society developed an understanding about its nutritional needs. There is no denying that the health and fitness of humans in the paleolithic period was far better than that of the modern man. The reason was pure diet and remaining close to nature.

Paleo Recipe Cookbook

“Paleolithic diet” consisted of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, roots, and nuts, and excluded grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.

People who support ancient diet in comparison to the modern one, no doubt have a strong argument to put forward. They say it is much more beneficial when it comes to obtaining optimal health. The modern diet has altered key nutritional elements and thus human health is compromised. The alteration in the composition of food has given rise to many diseases that are prevalent in the modern day civilization . Paleo Recipe Book

Paleo vs Modern Diet:
The arguments in favour of Paleolithic diet are supported by the following:

A.Transformed grains:
The grains we eat today have been transformed a great deal as compared what was consumed in ancient times. These grains also miss out on the main ingredients, bran and the fibre, useful ingredients.

B.Milk and dairy products:
Milk and Dairy products were used in there pure forms as compared the forms which we consume in modern times. The dairy products now days are treated with certain chemicals, their effectiveness is in turn reduced.

The style of cooking used in older times was very different to the way we cook today. The way we cook greatly changes the food structure and can affect health.

The use of cooking oils and trans fats have greatly hampered human health.
Same is the case with processed food.

Use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers has a direct impact on our health. The use of these pesticides and chemical fertilizers reduce the natural nutrition of the ingredients.

Mr. Sabastien Noel (Nutritionist & Fitness & Lifestyle Enthusiast) has come up with a great paleo recipe book “THE PALEO RECIPE BOOK“!

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The purpose of the book is for people to consume optimal human diet and with a regulated lifestyle eat right food at the right time. This amazing recipe book helps in attaining;

1.Optimal Vibrant Health
2. Mental clarity and natural positive attitude
3.Constant &radiant energy
4.A sex drive on overdrive
5.Deep & restful sleep
6.Clear & smooth skin
7.Increase in strength, endurance and performance.

This great book comes with 4 bonus books
1. Quick & Simple Paleo Meals
2.Paleo Meal Plan
3.Paleo Deserts
4.Herbs & Spices

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