The Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging – Feel Young and Get Youthful Nourishment

Over the years & throughout the process of evolution, science has explained the interaction and importance of nutrition, health and aging process. In recent years there has been an increased clinical interest in this filed of study. The interest is primarily due to the important role that nutrition plays throughout human life span. Nutritional study plays an important role during early childhood and also focuses on diseases, physiological & biological processes (i.e. metabolism) during aging which is very important. Top Anti Aging Foods

Healthy nutrition is to provide body with materials necessary to support life.

It is the practice of consuming & utilizing balanced food and diet that keeps us healthy, which is very important when the aging period starts.

Human society has acquired all kinds of knowledge since the evolution began and has shaped itself into better society. A society that can now benefit from the knowledge / information attained over the years. Health in relation to old age is an area of study which has gain momentum in recent times. All humans experience aging process, depending on the body chemistry and the metabolism they have.The rate of aging is different for different individuals. Changes that take place with aging are divided into three categories: physical, psychological, and social. All three categories are interrelated and change in one creates a shift in the other two.


With research going on in the field of medicine and nutrition, variety of books and publications are out there in the market. This is for people to better understand the value of nutrition vis a vis aging process. The aim is to slow down the process by providing information on healthy and regulated diet.

Mr Mike Geary-Certified Nutrition Specialist & Catherine Ebeling-RN, BSN,
Have come up with a well researched book that would help you achieve your objectives.

THE TOP 101 FOODS THAT FIGHT AGING” is now in the market!!!

The book contains exciting information about many anti aging super-foods, teas, spices, herbs, secret supplements and ingredients. These ingredients increase the metabolic rate of the body that in turn burns fat. The powerful phytochemicals and other nutrients generate the required vitality and produce the following;

Powerful blood sugar control.
Dangerous inflammation reduction in the body.
Balance Hormones.
Boosting metabolic rate and its efficiency.
Fat burning.
Increased Natural Energy.
Natural Detox that wipes away years of toxins.

The resultant is the improvement in the health of joints and skin. Risk of cancer and other degenerative diseases is also reduced. The body becomes energetic, experience vitality & youthfulness. The best part is that the person can enjoy a lean body. Reading the book would guarantee you prevent,protect and fix; joint problems, aging process, brain health, blood pressure, digestion, sluggishness, and kill stomach fat.

Here is a small account of some unique anti-aging tricks and tips that are in this well structured book.

1.Fight aging with a cup of coffee, with a tasteful natural ingredient that slows down the process.

2.Use of natural stevia for slowing down aging, instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

3.Effectiveness of the use of moderate coffee consumption and it usefulness against cancer.

4.Fifty two tricks to counter 3 most harmful processes that cause aging, Glycation, Oxidation and inflammation.

5.Use of cinnamon and lemon juice for controlling blood sugar and reduction of fat, that result in anti aging.

6.Fifteen powerful herbs, spices & nutrients that control blood sugar.

7.Healthy fats to balance hormones and protect cell membranes.

8.Five tasty fatty foods to protect skin

9.Vital minerals, vitamins and spices for anti aging.

10.Unique anti-oxidant herbal ingredient.

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Go get your copy and start feeling the nourished vitality that is required in OLD AGE!!!

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